Large kiln smoked duck breast

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Now using beautiful large Barbary duck breasts.
Smoked in our hand-made traditional brick kiln, this succulent duck fillet is fully cooked and ready to enjoy. The smouldering Black Forest oak and blackened bricks give this duck a signature aroma and flavour, not found in more mass-produced versions.
We like to use a larger Barbary duck breast which is slow cook, with the fat on top, bastes the duck as it smokes, keeping it tender and delectable. We don't like to add chemicals to artificially preserve the reddish colour of the meat, so it will brown naturally upon slicing. Slice as thinly as possible and serve as a sumptuous starter or salad main.
Ready to eat, No allergens, no gluten, no nitrates
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2 Reviews

James 28th Jul 2020

Absolutely Delicious

I cannot recommend this smoked duck highly enough. A friend suggested that I stir fry it with some egg noodles, spring onions and soya sauce. OMG - the ultimate fast food. Try is yourself and I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Cyrus 25th Jun 2020

Smoked Duck

It was duck and it was smoked, but wow was it more than just that. After ever bite there was an amazing smoked flavour that lingered In my mouth, so you could still taste the duck even after swallowing the bite. I recommend the duck 100%

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