Kiln smoked chicken

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Smoked in a traditional brick kiln, not in a steel box, this tender chicken fillet is cooked and ready to eat. We hot-roast the chicken slowly over smouldering Black Forest oak, and the kiln bricks do the rest, radiating the heat as it builds in the kiln.
Final result - a rounded, deeply smoky flavour and a rich caramel-brown colour in the food. We don't like to over-process the product so have added no artificial preservatives. We've also left it unsliced, which retains succulence: thinly or thickly sliced, chunked, diced or torn, it makes a sumptuous and smoky addition to any salad or sandwich.
Ready to eat, No allergens, no gluten, no nitrates

Please note: The skin on the chicken is there to protect the fillet during the cook. Please discard before eating.

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2 Reviews

Emily Sturge 12th Dec 2020

Super delicious

I love smoked chicken and this is the best I’ve had! Perfect flavour! I’ve used in salads, pastas and sarnies.

Michelle Borda 26th Jun 2020


This chicken has the perfect smokey taste, not too overpowering but enough to be bold and delicious. I have used this chicken in sandwiches, Wraps, salads and stir fry with veg and it was delicious in all of them.

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