Kiln smoked chicken

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Smoked in a traditional brick kiln, not in a steel box, this tender chicken fillet is cooked and ready to eat. We hot-roast the chicken slowly over smouldering Black Forest oak, and the kiln bricks do the rest, radiating the heat as it builds in the kiln.
Final result - a rounded, deeply smoky flavour and a rich caramel-brown colour in the food. We don't like to over-process the product so have added no artificial preservatives. We've also left it unsliced, which retains succulence: thinly or thickly sliced, chunked, diced or torn, it makes a sumptuous and smoky addition to any salad or sandwich.
Ready to eat, No allergens, no gluten, no nitrates

Please note: The skin on the chicken is there to protect the fillet during the cook. Please discard before eating.

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