Creamed Smoked Cod Roe

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This is a far cry from pink supermarket Taramasalata.  With only three main ingredients this delicious spread is all about the salty, smokey tang of the roe.

Wonderful on hot buttered toast or as a dip.

Weight 200g

Ingredients:  Cod Roe (roe, salt), Creme Fraiche, Vegetable oil, natural smoke


No gluten, no nitrates

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2 Reviews

Oliver Arditi 31st Dec 2020

Creamed smoked cod roe

This smoked roe has been acclaimed in our household as one of the most delicious substances in the known universe. It turns toast into the most ridiculously luxurious experience, and it is perilously moreish. You owe it to yourself to eat this.

Jonny 31st Oct 2020

Creamed smoked cod roe

This stuff is incredible! I’ve always loved taramasalata but this is in another league altogether. The texture and smoked tone complement each other perfectly. We’ve done nothing more complicated than serve it on hot sourdough toast and it it simply divine.

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