Cold smoked salmon D-sliced

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Here we take our delicious sides of smoked salmon, remove the skin and D-slice the fillet.  D-slicing is the traditional way of cutting smoked salmon at an angle from the pellicule at the top of the fish down to the rich brown flesh at the bottom giving a complete flavour profile. 

Prime Scottish or Norwegian salmon fillet cured and smoked by the Chapel and Swan team. It’s a slow, hands-on process in which we must gauge the conditions of humidity, temperature and seasonal variations in fish size and physical make-up. In the salt-cure, the water in the fish is exchanged for a percentage of salt that prevents the fish from perishing. We then air-dry for a minimum of 24 hours before cold-smoking begins. The Black Forest oak is left to smoulder gently overnight as the salmon takes on colour and the woody aroma from the fuel. After smoking, the fish ‘sets’ for another 4 hours before we consider it ready to be sliced. This gradual, artisan process yields a much less oily texture than many mass-produced versions and offers a perfectly textured fillet with a rounded smoky flavour throughout.

Ingredients:  Salmon, Salt, Real Oak Smoke


No gluten, no nitrates

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6 Reviews

Edward cooper 9th Apr 2021

Smoked salmon

Superb best for any special occassion

rosamund jonkers 30th Dec 2020

Superior smoked salmon

I eat quite a lot of smsoked salmon and this is superior to that sold by even the most expensive supermarket . (you know who I mean) This is not just any smoked salmon!

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